Interesting Facts about Listening
August 3, 2021 Leadership Development
The next time you get ready to have a conversation with someone, consider these facts: 85% of what we have learned is through listening (not talking or reading).(Shorpe) It takes less than 7 seconds for you to decide if ...
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Experience. Empathize. Discover.
July 27, 2021 Transformation Tuesday
During the month of July we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed the Enneagram and Somatic Experiencing as well as developing empathy in your workplace and interviewing tips. Join us in revisiting these tips and let us know what ...
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Interviews and Discovery
July 20, 2021 Transformational Coaching
Detective skills come in handy when interviewing candidates. Detectives are curious, skilled in asking behavioral and motivational-based questions, active listeners, and very comfortable with silence. It is not just the questions you ask, but how well you listen to ...
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The Empathy Equation
July 13, 2021 Leadership Development
“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.” —A.A. Milne Of all the contributors to team member satisfaction, the ability of a manager to communicate effectively with an employee is at the top of the ...
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The Enneagram and Somatic Experiencing
July 6, 2021 Enneagram
As many of you know, Transform has been working with the Somatic—or more embodied—side of the transformational equation for years. We are fascinated by what we believe this type of work has to offer in terms of integration, healing, ...
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Moving Forward
June 29, 2021 Transformation Tuesday
This month we discussed the many unique thresholds we are all standing upon, returning to “normalcy” at our own pace, and the potential opportunities for businesses in our post-pandemic future. As we prepare to move forward, let us take ...
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Creativity and Innovation: The New Age of Hybrid Workspaces
June 22, 2021 Leadership Development, Process Improvement
Creativity and innovation continue to be necessary as leaders consider how and if to entice workers to return to the office and navigate the new, perhaps hybrid, work environment.   Last week McKinsey & Company published a study revealing that ...
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Covid-19 And Return-to-work Strategies Considerations For Employers
June 15, 2021 Leadership Development
We asked Christine Walters, an employment law attorney and strategic partner who we have worked with for over 20 years to share with us the latest updates on Return-to-Work Strategies and things that employers should consider over these next ...
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It’s Time To Live Your Life Fully Again: Proceed At Your Own Pace
June 8, 2021 Personal Development
The masks may be off, and it may feel like we’ve been set free, yet for many fear and trepidation remain. How do we regain our confidence in being with others and building our lives moving forward? While the ...
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