The Enneagram and You

While knowing your Enneagram type is a great first step towards reaching fulfillment within your work, relationships, and life, an enriched understanding of it is the true key to personal mastery.

At Transform, we guide you through your unique Enneagram journey by helping you better understand your habitual responses, establish a more objective view of reality, apply what you learn in your everyday life, and create a path for continuous learning, development, and growth.

When it Comes to Work

There are always opportunities to grow. The Enneagram will help you boost your productivity and improve your communication and collaboration with both colleagues and clients. As a purposeful professional, understanding your unique abilities, blind spots, and motivations and navigating them with confidence allows you to better solve problems, maximize your bandwidth, and have a greater impact on those with whom you work.

By applying the Enneagram to your work, you can achieve:
Focus | Drive | Fulfillment | Efficiency | Results | Collaboration

Their leadership coaching and use of the enneagram was a breakthrough for our people. It literally changed people’s lives. There was a direct link between The Enneagram and the enhancements in leadership and financial sales.

Scott Jamieson

Vice President, Bartlett Tree, Midwest Division & Corporate Partnerships

When it Comes to Relationships

No one ever said they were easy. Whether with a friend, family member, romantic partner, or professional, it’s important to learn and understand their intentions and behavior, as well as your own, in order to have successful relationships. With a clearer understanding of all 9 types, you’ll be able to relate and empathize in healthier ways, creating deeper, more fulfilling (satisfying or meaningful) connections.

By applying the Enneagram to your relationships, you can achieve:
Connection | Passion | Love | Empathy | Trust | Health

When it Comes to Life

The possibilities for what you can achieve are endless, and the path to turning your dreams into a reality is yours to claim. By having intimate knowledge of your type, you can maneuver through change and transition with a grounded presence and greater ease, face challenges head on, and feel more fulfilled in your daily life. No matter your goals, improved self-awareness will bring clarity to your purpose in life.

By applying the Enneagram to your overall life, you can achieve:
Equanimity | Confidence | Happiness | Purpose | Self-awareness | Liberation

Begin Your Personalized Enneagram Journey

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