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Since 1996, Transform, Inc. Has Been Delivering Customized Enneagram Business Consulting, Coaching And Training That Create Impactful Results And Exceptional Success.

Transform uses the Enneagram to help ambitious business professionals, leaders, and teams deepen their self-awareness and reach extraordinary levels of success.

Our Services

Leadership Development

Rethink how you motivate, inspire and lead. Embrace new skills and proven techniques that will uncork your team’s full potential.

Sales and Sales Management

Discover the best ways to “seal the deal” and strategically manage your sales teams in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing economy.

Enneagram Coaching

Are you overwhelmed? Burned out? Struggling with inconsistent results? Our customized, one-on-one coaching enables you to take control of your life and your career.

Client Engagement

Get insights into what makes—or breaks—the experience customers have with your business and ways you can improve client contact at all levels of the organization.