During the month of May we talked about truly understanding how you, your employees, and your business work and how to use that knowledge to power success in the future. Whether it’s getting a handle on your sales pipeline, using the new Working Genius method, or using the trusted Enneagram, there are plenty of ways to get started today.

Let us know what you look forward to learning more about in the future!

Take Control of Your Sales Pipeline

The consequences for delivering sales results are high. What story is your sales pipeline telling you, your CEO, and the Board? If you want to take control of your pipeline and create a reasonable plan to identify and address any weaknesses, reach out. We can help.



What Type of Work Energizes You? Transform Your Work!

We are now Working Genius certified! Have you ever considered what aspects of your work truly energize and bring you the greatest satisfaction and joy? Imagine if you knew the answer to this question. How would that impact how you feel about your work? How significant would it be for you and your team to tap into the natural gifts of the people around you? With Working Genius we can get answers to these questions.



Happy World Enneagram Day

On day one, we brought the remarkable wisdom of the Enneagram into our lives, the lives of our clients, and, most notably, their businesses. We’ve witnessed and experienced the personal and professional transformation that stems from Enneagram exploration.