Process Improvement

Hiring Right NOW Requires the Right Questions
October 12, 2021 Process Improvement
Hiring right NOW requires the right questions We do a lot of interviewing of candidates, and it is often how you ask the question that really makes a difference in getting the information you need to find out if a candidate is a good fit for your position. Here are a few ...
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Communications Strategy
September 21, 2021 Process Improvement
Do you need to create more effective, productive communication in your team or organization? If so, here is a proven strategy I often teach clients. When we reach out to a team member, we need something — typically one of these 5 things: We need to give them a ...
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Creativity and Innovation: The New Age of Hybrid Workspaces
June 22, 2021 Leadership Development, Process Improvement
Creativity and innovation continue to be necessary as leaders consider how and if to entice workers to return to the office and navigate the new, perhaps hybrid, work environment.   Last week McKinsey & Company published a study revealing that “the majority of executives expect that (for all roles that ...
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Gratitude for Zoom Fatigue?
April 27, 2021 Process Improvement
Zoom is here to stay, and thank god for that. Video conferencing has helped keep businesses afloat this last year. Transform and our clients have certainly benefitted. Although not a perfect substitute, video conferencing has created opportunities for colleagues, friends and families to stay connected. Nothing will ever replace ...
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“Just Right” Boost to Close out 2020
November 10, 2020 Process Improvement
Each day for the past 55 days, Theresa has written about/reflected upon the question, What Unites Us? Here’s an excerpt that may be “just right” for you and your company today. Human beings seek to be “just right.” The story of Goldilocks told us of encountering porridge as “too hot”, “too cold” and ...
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The Power of Aligned Values in Organizations and Their Employees
October 13, 2020 Process Improvement
As human beings, we operate from a set of values that influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These values, whether conscious or not, are operating all the time and create a set of beliefs that then seek out only that information which supports our beliefs and demonstrates our values. ...
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Tips for Staying Connected to Your Employees
September 1, 2020 Process Improvement
In recent conversations with leadership teams, I have been asked how to keep employees engaged and motivated, especially when most of the team members are working remotely. Here are a few tips I’ve shared with our clients: 1. If you are the President or CEO, schedule small (3-5) face-to-face ...
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Difficult Times Require This Essential Ingredient
April 21, 2020 Process Improvement
I recently attended a webinar hosted by Gallup Organization on How to Keep Remote Worker Wellbeing High. One of the key takeaways was the urgency for leaders, right now, to stay attentive to their own and their employees’ wellbeing. By wellbeing they include one’s physical, social, career, financial and community needs. Their ...
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Minimize the Impact when a Key Employee Leaves the Company
March 10, 2020 Process Improvement
In last week’s blog we talked about a business owner having a succession plan to ensure the continuation of the business in the owner’s absence. In this blog, we want to give some tips for developing succession plans for your key employees. Has any of these scenarios ever happened ...
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Succession Planning Helps Business Owners Sleep at Night
March 3, 2020 Process Improvement
Have you ever had these thoughts? “I lay awake at night and wonder if my business would be okay if something were to happen to me.” “The business is too dependent on my sales. If something were to happen to me, would the business survive?” “If something were to ...
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