1. Find meaningful ways to demonstrate you care about your teammates. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, kids, families, and the like.
  2. Celebrate wins.
  3. Pass along the credit when it’s due. It’s best if your ego isn’t wildly attached to taking the credit.
  4. Cultivate the skills to manage your reactivity—no matter what the circumstances.
  5. When you lose it or are plainly wrong, sincerely apologize.
  6. Investigate problematic situations and identify the real issues. Get quality feedback from the right people before taking action.
  7. Remember, not everyone is qualified to give feedback on every little thing.
  8. Trust and respect your teammates. Purposely create a high-trust culture. “Leaders can inspire trust by accelerating their credibility and shape culture from the inside out.”—Franklin Covey
  9. People make mistakes—forgive and forget. Learn, let go and move along.
  10. Check out your assumptions. Sometimes you’ll be spot on, and sometimes you won’t.
  11. Understand and respect that people have limits.
  12. Be compassionate.
  13. Identify potential and bring out the best in people. Hold them accountable for being their best. “A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”—Rosalynn Carter
  14. Remember, change takes time, no matter how fast something needs to happen.
  15. Have a solid, well-thought-out plan that people buy into. Hold the vision of what could be and how it will affect everyone.
  16. Encourage everyone to take breaks. Seriously, leave them alone while on vacation unless the sky is falling. (It’s usually not.)
  17. Success is achieved by growth. Growth is achieved by self-growth. “…when you become a leader, success is achieved by growing others.”—Jack Welch
  18. Values and principles aren’t just a nice team development exercise; they should be a way of life, a North Star. Walk the talk.
  19. Remember what we always say—that to be a great leader, you must understand yourself and your impact on others.
  20. Leadership can be challenging, so surround yourself with great consultants. https://transforminc.com