Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings
June 21, 2022 Personal Development, Uncategorized
Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the importance and benefits of being grounded and as non-reactive as possible—steady really—and showing up as your best possible self. I believe the discovery and management of our feelings plays a huge role in this effort, as well as in our happiness ...
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Looking Forward
May 31, 2022 Client Connections, Personal Development, Sales and Sales Management, Uncategorized
During the month of May we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed what differentiates you from your competition, the relationships Transform has curated and maintained for the last 25 years, how to help your prospects with their buying decisions, and some tips for grounding yourself. Join ...
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Gather. Analyze. Prepare.
April 26, 2022 Leadership Development, Uncategorized
During the month of April we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed how to accelerate your business success with proper coaching, how Transform has utilized the Enneagram in business for the last 25 years, and how business succession/retirement can work for your company. Join us in ...
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The Value of Longing
February 15, 2022 Personal Development, Uncategorized
There were several moments in the recent past weeks when I found myself awaking to the possible value of longing. I guess in the past I’ve viewed longing as a little self-centered or something that needed to be dealt with so it would go away. I’ve watched my Enneagram ...
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What Does Your Next Chapter Look Like?
January 25, 2022 Personal Development, Uncategorized
During the month of January we have discussed a wide array of topics. We started the year welcoming you to 2022, setting our goals for this year, and encouraging you to shift the way you detach from technology. Join us in revisiting these tips and let us know what you want ...
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Year in Review
December 14, 2021 Personal Development, Uncategorized
During 2021, we have discussed a variety of topics to help you grow both professionally and personally. Join us in revisiting our most popular articles as we all take time to reflect on this past year. Enneagram Stress When some people are stressed, you know it immediately. With others, ...
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Don’t Let Your Organization be Impacted by “The Great Resignation”
November 16, 2021 Leadership Development, Uncategorized
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Americans who voluntarily quit their jobs in August and September 2021 were record breaking. In August, 4.3 million employees resigned and in September, just reported this past Friday, an additional 4.4 million did as well. The last time a record ...
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Happy New Year
December 29, 2020 Blog
  Happy New Year! New adventures are around the corner… make way for 2021! From Transform, Inc. Mary Anne, Theresa, Tib & Chris
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Happy Holidays
December 21, 2020 Blog
Happy Holidays! From Transform, Inc. Mary Anne, Theresa, Tib & Chris
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Let our lives be full of…
November 26, 2019 Transformational Tuesday
Happy Thanksgiving from Transform, Inc.!
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