Sales and Sales Management

For more than 25 years, Transform, Inc., has been guiding companies toward winning sales strategies that improve results and increase the bottom line.

We customize our work to reflect the unique challenges of your business, your industry, and your team. Our relevant, real-world solutions create energized, passionate, and successful salespeople and sales organizations. Our unique expertise and ability in understanding salespeople’s DNA, as well as their clients’ and prospects’ core buying motivations, allow us to utilize strategic, results-driven approaches that maximize your business’s potential.

Sales Leadership Coaching for Owners, Sales VPs, and Sales Managers

Truly transformative sales leadership requires not just tactical moves but emotionally intelligent leaders who continually develop themselves and their salespeople. For over three decades, we have been coaching leaders to build effective, strategic, and collaborative sales teams while ensuring that leadership has the structure necessary to win in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

Sales Team Training and Coaching

A winning sales team is a happy sales team.

As every sales leader knows, each salesperson is unique and has gifts and challenges. Our comprehensive evaluation process leads to customized sales training and coaching programs that play to salespeople’s strengths, develop their untapped potential, and deliver results.

Sales Development for the Entrepreneur

You have to sell to do what you love with any level of success. We believe that being passionate about what you do and making money are not mutually exclusive. We will teach you our dynamic sales approach that taps into your expertise, fosters confidence, and gets you results.

Sales Team Hiring Assessment and Consulting

Before you hire a salesperson, ask yourself: Can this individual sell? Will this individual sell? Is he/she trainable? Everyone knows that the cost of a wrong hire in sales is immense. Our comprehensive evaluation tools and interviewing strategies can help you tip the scales in your favor and hire the right fit the first time.

Sales DISC Assessments and Consulting

Set the stage for higher levels of sales performance, self-awareness, and productivity. The DISC assessment, coupled with Transform’s interpretation and consultation, provides valuable insights into a sales person or a sales candidate’s behavioral traits and preferences. Incorporating this information helps in creating winning sales teams, fostering healthy and productive communication, reducing and resolving conflicts, as well as in selecting the right candidates for your positions.

The Art Of The Sale

Selling is an art that requires skill, integrity and wisdom. It’s a profession where masterful communication is paramount to create mutually beneficial relationships and solve complex problems. Through the Enneagram, a powerfully accurate and centuries-old tool, you’ll dig deeper into what supports or challenges your sales success. You’ll discover your customers’ wants, needs, and motivations to sell successfully.

Wake Up and Sell

What gets in the way of exceeding your selling goals? Where do you get stuck? Finally, answers to these questions can be found in our helpful coaching book: Wake Up and Sell. Get ready to shatter old beliefs, develop new behaviors, and catapult your sales to new levels of success!