Leadership Development

Back to the Start of it All
May 9, 2022 Leadership Development, Process Improvement
Transform’s work over the last 25 years has allowed us to partner with some very talented business owners and CEOs who recognized that in order to grow their businesses they needed to look outside their organizations for assistance. They were also committed to their own personal growth and development ...
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Gather. Analyze. Prepare.
April 26, 2022 Leadership Development, Uncategorized
During the month of April we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed how to accelerate your business success with proper coaching, how Transform has utilized the Enneagram in business for the last 25 years, and how business succession/retirement can work for your company. Join us in ...
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Accelerate Your Success with the Right Coaching Relationship
April 5, 2022 Enneagram, Leadership Development
Coaching business leaders isn’t always a straight and narrow journey. We know that a successful coaching relationship is defined by the tangible results or changes that have occurred. It is important to set specific outcomes for working together at the start of the relationship, yet we also know that, ...
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Ponder from a New Perspective
March 29, 2022 Leadership Development, Personal Development
During the month of March we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed Enneagram-related obstacles, the priceless journey of a business partnership, what we can do to help Ukraine, and the collective impact on personal loss. Join us in revisiting these tips and let us know what you want ...
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Collective Impacts on Individual Loss
March 22, 2022 Leadership Development
Much of what we do in business leadership is future/goal oriented. In business, we don’t like to think about or process loss. We prefer to move on and make something new happen. We avert our eyes when our favorite teammate leaves. When we didn’t make the prior quarterly goals, ...
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It’s time to reflect…
December 28, 2021 Enneagram, Leadership Development, Personal Development
December is a month to reflect on the past year, and to think ahead to the new year. This month, we reviewed our top articles and celebrated the season. We can’t wait for what 2022 will bring! Year in Review (Part 1) During 2021, we have discussed a variety ...
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Year in Review
December 7, 2021 Leadership Development, Process Improvement
During 2021, we have discussed a variety of topics to help you grow both professionally and personally. Join us in revisiting our most popular articles as we all take time to reflect on this past year. Interesting Facts about Listening The next time you get ready to have a ...
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Using Awareness with Intent
November 30, 2021 Leadership Development, Personal Development
Enneagram Head Types: Time Management Tips So You Can Focus on What Really Matters The Enneagram Head Center Types (Types 5, 6, and 7) are thinking types who are forward-focused when it comes to their time. They need to have a sense of what could/could not be coming for ...
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Don’t Let Your Organization be Impacted by “The Great Resignation”
November 16, 2021 Leadership Development, Uncategorized
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Americans who voluntarily quit their jobs in August and September 2021 were record breaking. In August, 4.3 million employees resigned and in September, just reported this past Friday, an additional 4.4 million did as well. The last time a record ...
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Exhaustion and Courage in Times of Triumph and Struggle!
August 17, 2021 Leadership Development, Personal Development
Kate Courtney, professional mountain bike racer, wrote about her experience at the Tokyo Olympics in a piece in The Washington Post titled, “What it feels like to lose at the Olympics — and how you pick yourself back up again,” on Sunday, August 8. Kate prequalified for the 2020 ...
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