The Data Is In. Great Salespeople Have These Competencies
August 28, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
This recent article by Dave Kurlan, from Objective Management, supports our experience in working with and hiring GREAT sales people. For over 22 years, Mary Anne and I have used the Objective Management Sales and Sales Manager Evaluation tool ...
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What’s Your Shift?
August 21, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
We are curious … Did you take us up on our digital detox challenge? Did you unplug and step away from engaging in a 24/7 digital lifestyle for at least one day, last week? Or did you make it ...
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I Unplug to ____________.
August 14, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
Can you recall the last time you powered down your computer AND smart phone and stepped away from all screens to just rest, relax and enjoy real life interactions with live people such as your family and friends? Unplugging, ...
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Gutsy and Great Sales Management
August 7, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
I’ve been thinking about what it takes to be a truly great sales manager and about the handful I’ve known over the years. The problem is – it’s just a handful. So how does that happen? Maybe a sales ...
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Strategies for Managing a Sticky Wicket
July 31, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
Great News! We absolutely have the ability to shift our attention…and the caveat is provided we are aware and awake enough and have a decent level of self-observation skills to know where our attention is at any given moment. ...
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Resilience is Deceptive
July 24, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
I just celebrated a milestone birthday, and it’s making me reflect on my life so far. This month’s topic is resilience, and looking back on my life, I can see moments that I now know demonstrated resilience although at ...
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Flourish or Fold?
July 17, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
Most of us know one. That person—friend, family member, colleague or leader—who continues to emerge stronger and wiser after being “knocked down” by life. Time and again, we see them grow exponentially from their setbacks. We marvel at how ...
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3 Ways To Practice Everyday Resilience
July 10, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
One of the most essential qualities a leader can possess is resilience. Regardless of whether it’s facing new professional or personal challenges we are all seeing faster and more continuous cycles of disruption and change these days. An article ...
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Happy Fourth of July!
July 4, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
Let Freedom Ring! Happy Fourth of July!
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Look Beyond the Differences: Working with a Multigenerational Workforce
June 26, 2018 Transformation Tuesday
A study of whitepapers, articles, blogs and tweets reveals a plethora of information on the multi-generational workforce today. Many focus on pointing out the differences between the generations in terms of work ethic, needs and wants, ways to manage, ...
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