Ponder from a New Perspective
March 29, 2022 Leadership Development, Personal Development
During the month of March we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed Enneagram-related obstacles, the priceless journey of a business partnership, what we can do to help Ukraine, and the collective impact on personal loss. Join ...
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Collective Impacts on Individual Loss
March 22, 2022 Leadership Development
Much of what we do in business leadership is future/goal oriented. In business, we don’t like to think about or process loss. We prefer to move on and make something new happen. We avert our eyes when our favorite ...
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What We Can Do to Help
March 15, 2022 Client Connections
Mary Anne’s heart was hurting about the Ukraine situation, and she reached out to Transform’s longtime friend and client Anna Shkrabaliuk to see how she and her family are doing and also to see what we could possibly do ...
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A Priceless Journey: Gratitude for a 25-year Business Partnership
March 8, 2022 Personal Development
For Mother’s Day in 2019 my children gave me a subscription to Storyworth. It is a subscription service that collects your loved one’s favorite stories and memories and preserves them in a beautifully bound book. Each week for 52 ...
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Nine Obstacles
March 1, 2022 Enneagram
Our Enneagram Type has patterned obstacles that are great teachers in our lives. Have you ever noticed any of these obstacles getting in your way? Seeking perfection and avoiding making mistakes. Asking for help and avoiding being seen as ...
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Learning to be Comfortably Uncomfortable
February 22, 2022 Enneagram
During the month of February we have discussed a wide array of topics. We discussed enneagram in the workplace, needing help and learning how to receive it, and finding the value in longing. Join us in revisiting these tips ...
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The Value of Longing
February 15, 2022 Personal Development, Uncategorized
There were several moments in the recent past weeks when I found myself awaking to the possible value of longing. I guess in the past I’ve viewed longing as a little self-centered or something that needed to be dealt ...
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Three Lessons From an Enneagram 9 Going Through Difficult Times
February 8, 2022 Enneagram
January has passed, and in my spirit, I feel as if 2022 has already been a long year. On December 14th I sustained an injury to my left shin that left a baseball sized hematoma that is impinging on ...
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Ethics and the Enneagram
February 1, 2022 Enneagram
For over 25 years as we’ve brought the Enneagram into the workplace and world, we’ve remained committed to its ethical use. Here’s a valuable list of guidelines from The Narrative Enneagram*. Help others discover their type; don’t tell them ...
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What Does Your Next Chapter Look Like?
January 25, 2022 Personal Development, Uncategorized
During the month of January we have discussed a wide array of topics. We started the year welcoming you to 2022, setting our goals for this year, and encouraging you to shift the way you detach from technology. Join ...
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