Have you ever considered what aspects of your work truly energize and bring you the greatest satisfaction and joy? Imagine if you knew the answer to this question. How would that impact how you feel about your work? How significant would it be for you and your team to tap into the natural gifts of the people around you?

Theresa, who is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest business approaches, was intrigued by what she heard about Patrick Lencioni’s latest work describing the six types of Working Genius. So, she discovered more and became certified in this approach. Thank you, Theresa! What she found resonated with all of us as a guide to how teams actually get more work done. We’ve always been about getting work done. We could see how this was already playing out with the businesses we consult with, and we’ve come to believe that his new model is a business game-changer.

Lencioni sees that six work activities are fundamentally required for any type of work and assesses the energy, satisfaction, and joy we get from each. A simple yet powerful framework, the model shows us that of these six types of work, for each of us, two are our Working Geniuses (those activities that energize us), two are our Working Competencies (those activities that we can do well yet may not get a great deal of energy from), and two are our Working Frustrations (those activities that deplete our energy). What excites us about this model is its transformative potential. It shifts the focus from tasks to the energy required to perform them. Working with the model increases motivation while also increasing engagement. It basically reshapes our perceptions of work and teamwork. When embraced by an organization, it can revolutionize how work is done and by whom, creating a more engaged and productive team.

If you’d like to know more about leveraging your genius, we’d love to connect – we can easily profile your personal style and map your team to give you an overall view of how this operates in your world.