This is our second monthly installment on sales strategies for different Enneagram types. In November, we looked at strategies for the Heart or Image types. This time we’re highlighting the Body or Instinctual Types, types, 8, 9, and 1.

The Body/Instinctual types tend to filter information through the intelligence of kinesthetic and physical sensations and gut instinct. Types 8, 9 and 1 occur as a sense of knowing based upon the physical or gut reactions experienced. These types are also called the “Anger” types because each of these three types uses the energy of anger to achieve what they want or need in the moment.

Here are some sales strategies for these types. We’d love to know what you would add or how these strategies impact you.


  • Learn to manage your energy when in a selling situation. Adjust your intensity when needed.
  • Listen to what the prospect or client wants; ask questions with the intention of exploring their specific needs and desires, rather than telling them what is needed.
  • Be patient when the other individual is speaking. Be aware of the tendency to “bulldoze” your way to closure.
  • Pay attention to your gut and do your homework so that you are prepared for sales calls. Usually, you are very comfortable winging it, but often what is called for is a mixture of gut (responding in the moment) and information and details that demonstrate your understanding of the prospect’s or client’s situation.


  • Learn to match the energy of your prospect or client. You may need to rev up your own energy in certain situations.
  • Be clear about what you agree with and state your disagreement to ensure that you are understood so that no false assumptions or conclusions are drawn by the buyer.
  • Redefine conflict so that it means a healthy discussion for the purpose of discovering the truth, the real issues needing to be addressed.
  • Develop specific action steps, then break them down and schedule them for completion. Develop deadlines in order to create a sense of urgency for yourself.


  • Learn to notice when you are locked into a position and not willing to be influenced. It is difficult to see someone else’s point of view when you’re not letting it in.
  • Get agreement from prospects and clients on their standards and expectations upfront so that you are on the same page when it comes to measuring success.
  • Notice when you are procrastinating or putting off doing a task because you’re concerned that the end result won’t be perfect.
  • Most importantly, learn to have fun and enjoy selling and approach it like a skillful player playing a fascinating game.

Remember, working with your Enneagram type in sales is about your approach, your reactivity, and your gifts. You will never know your prospect’s Enneagram type unless they tell you.

For the rest of the strategies for these types contained in our book Wake Up and Sell, either let us know which you want or pick up a copy of the book.

Stay tuned next month as we cover sales strategies for the Head Types.