Throughout the month of October, we discussed what makes a supportive work environment and positive organizational culture that will help. We talked about handling poor performance by team members and the appropriate ways to come out of the situation in a better place. We also reinforced the importance of learning and utilizing the Enneagram and how different types create trust in the workplace.

Let us know what you look forward to learning more about in the future!

What Makes a Supportive Work Environment?

Great employees are actually worth their weight in gold. We all should know by now that they are a company’s biggest asset. With that in mind, how can we demonstrate our support for the daily stuff, so they know we will be there for the big stuff?



How to Handle a Team Member’s Poor Performance

Many of the day-to-day questions that our clients have involve how to handle situations that arise in working with team members. Here’s one of our frequently asked questions and our guidance on how to handle it.


Enneagram: The Basics

We think we are seeing the full 360 degrees, but in fact our reality is determined by a particular lens that narrows our focus and limits how we think, feel and act in the world.


How Enneagram Types Create Trust in the Workplace

Over our years of working with Enneagram, we’ve asked the question how do you create trust in the workplace? Here’s a collection of the feedback we’ve received.