As you enter the new year, what questions are you seeking to answer for yourself in 2024? We’ve compiled a list of our team’s favorite questions to ask as you look back on 2023 and forward to 2024.

As you look back at 2023, respond to the questions below:

  • What are you most proud of?
  • What disappointments do you need to let go of?
  • Is there something for which you need to forgive yourself?
  • What is a challenge you overcame in 2023?
  • What was something you learned or discovered about yourself (professionally or personally) that really made a difference in your life?
  • What work did you do in the last year that really energized/motivated you?
  • What work zapped your energy?
  • Where did you feel stuck, in a rut, or practicing insanity (doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results)?
  • What are five events/things/people for which you are grateful?
  • What do you want to celebrate?

As you look forward to 2024, consider these questions:

  • What goal, intention, or idea do you want to carry forward into 2024?
  • What learning(s) that you had in 2023 do you want to be sure to remember in 2024? How will you do that?
  • What does your heart most desire for 2024?
  • It is December 31, 2024, answer the questions below:
  • In your work life, what successes have you had in 2024? What challenges have you overcome?
  • What has energized and engaged you this year?
  • What relationships (partner, family, friends, colleagues, etc.) have flourished? Which have stalled?
  • What have you done to find personal fulfillment and well-being this year?
  • What impact have you had? What have you done that really made a difference in your life or someone else’s?
  • Looking at your responses above, respond to these questions:
  • What intention(s) or goal(s) do you want to set for 2024?
  • What milestones will you define to know if you are on track and moving toward your intention(s)/goal(s)?
  • How and when will you celebrate your successes along the way?

Bonus Question: What thought, emotional, and/or behavioral shift do you need to make in 2024 to have the year you have defined above?

What we know to be true is that taking time to review the past year and setting your intentions/goals for the year to come is a start. Being committed to doing what it takes to realize your intentions or goals comes next, yet commitment isn’t sustained unless you have tapped into the underlying, compelling reason for wanting to achieve what you have defined.

So, here’s a last set of questions you might want to consider:

  • Why is putting your energy, effort, time, and attention into the intentions or goals you have identified important to you?
  • What’s in it for you to make these happen in 2024?
  • What will the impact be if you “don’t”?
  • What will the impact be if you “do” realize your goals?

By answering these last questions you’ll discover either that the goals you have set are not compelling enough and you want to change them or that you are energized, motivated, and ready for 2024.

As always, we’re here if you need a sounding board to help you discover your “why” and put a plan in place to ensure 2024 is your best year yet!


Theresa Gale

Principal, Transform, Inc.