During the month of January, we finished our Enneagram sales strategies series, talked about starting the new year off right, and gave tips on how to objective and fair. These are all great topics to help you grow personally and professionally in 2024 and into the future as your career progresses.

Let us know what you look forward to learning more about in the future!

Break Through Assumptions with an Open and Objective Mind

If we are around people long enough, we form certain beliefs and assumptions about them that may hinder our ability to be objective, fair, and clear when communicating and working with them. Sometimes, we also hold biases that aren’t based in the present but in the past. Here are some ways to break those assumptions.



Sales Strategies for Enneagram Types 5, 6 and 7

This is our final monthly installment on sales strategies for different Enneagram types. This time it’s the Head Types.


Launch Your 2024 with Compelling Goals

As you enter the new year, what questions are you seeking to answer for yourself in 2024? We’ve compiled a list of our team’s favorite questions to ask as you look back on 2023 and forward to 2024.


Happy New Year

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re excited for the possibilities in the new year. Looking forward to a transformative 2024! Happy New Year!