Success Formula-WBT
July 16, 2019 Transformation Tuesday
Is there a winning formula to success? Successful companies share one common trait: they invest time, money and energy executing strategic plans to insure they will continue to flourish. Let’s simplify it. Do you have the three elements of WBT in place? Stop. What is WBT? Customers + Employees ...
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The Nature of Spring Cleaning
March 5, 2019 Process Improvement
All around us there are small hints and signs of spring’s imminent arrival*. Perhaps it is nature’s way, to present us with a polite and gentle nudge, that helps us remember there is potential and possibility to renew and grow every day. Regardless of how the message arrives, NOW ...
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Care: An Antidote that Works
May 7, 2012 Blog, Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
As we begin this week, we’d like to share a gem from Seth Godin on caring.  His message is  a reminder that caring really does matter and it’s not that hard to put into practice. “Care more than you need to, more often than expected, more completely than the ...
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A Relationship Recovery Program: A Proactive Approach to Handling Customer Complaints
April 25, 2012 Articles, Blog
Download a PDF of this article Every organization has its share of complaints and, while every company would prefer not to have them, complaints do play an important part in the organization’s ability to continuously learn, improve and develop long-term client relationships.  Complaints provide a feedback mechanism that help ...
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Employees: Asset or Expense?
January 22, 2012 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
A recent study by Consumer Reports gives some interesting results about what is really important to customers. Here’s the data: Isn’t it interesting that “treats employees well” is #4? The old adage, “happy employees make happy clients,” must apply here. Customers can tell when employees love what they do. ...
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