Is there a winning formula to success? Successful companies share one common trait: they invest time, money and energy executing strategic plans to insure they will continue to flourish.

Let’s simplify it. Do you have the three elements of WBT in place? Stop. What is WBT? Customers + Employees + Suppliers = The World’s Best Team (WBT).

Here are three tips and questions to help you reimagine, or reshape, ideas about building the world’s best team:

Customers – Does your vision include a strong story? Storytelling helps current and prospective customers understand how you can solve their problems. Does your brand voice resonate with their preferences, wants, needs, frustrations?

Employees – Have you aligned your leadership and culture to support putting your employees first? Are all team members empowered to focus on solving on behalf of what the customer needs? Is leadership committed to facilitating the difference maker – asking for input from front line team members – and investing resources in team led organizational improvements?

Suppliers – Has your company partnered with the right suppliers? Are the critical pieces in place to provide solutions that will outpace the competition? Have you incorporated multiple points of view and future state into the strategic partnerships you’ve organized?

What’s the common denominator in each scenario of exploring WBT? People. The decision to shift perspective and humbly reimagine may offer opportunities to identify new sources of clarity.

We believe people are the secret to every successful company. This week commit to find and challenge where to go next. Make time to explore and reflect on what are you willing to do differently to build your own version of the “world’s best team.”