“Can I ask you something?”
March 26, 2019 Process Improvement
Sometimes feedback feels more like a _________ than a _________. When’s the last time one of your team members asked you for some direct feedback? The answer to that question is probably as good as any to take a random “pulse check” of culture at your organization. In fact, ...
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Seeing Through Your Blind Spots
September 3, 2012 Blog
We respect the work and writings of our colleague, Tony Schwartz.  He’s written a great article that we’d like to share with you this week.  We’ve had people ask us to write about blind spots and this article not only does that but discusses the power of the Enneagram ...
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A Proactive Approach to Dealing with Conflict in Organizations
April 24, 2012 Articles, Blog
Download a PDF of this article Conflict is inevitable in business and relationships. How you manage it determines its impact on your company, yourself and your employees. At a recent Leadership Day in Frederick, Maryland, we asked an audience of 80, “how many of you experience conflict at work?” ...
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