Sometimes feedback feels more like a _________ than a _________.

When’s the last time one of your team members asked you for some direct feedback? The answer to that question is probably as good as any to take a random “pulse check” of culture at your organization.

In fact, how else are we to learn, unless we open ourselves to the process of asking others for their impressions. Often our version of the world can (and does) look different than our team or members of our organization. However, it is in allowing ourselves to be open and feel vulnerable — as we ask others for their specific point of view and insights — when the transformative magic of growth seems to become active and present. Growth, as an experience is part process and product. Trial and error informs. Closing off (or down), playing it safe to avoid the possibility of feeling failure feels like a simple choice until it interrupts true breakthroughs.

This week make time to have a conversation with a trusted advisor, mentor or friend. Ask if they are open to sharing their feedback. Here are a few practice questions for you to consider:

  • What do I do that helps me, you, our team, and the organization succeed?
  • What do I do that makes it harder for me, you, our team, and the organization to succeed?
  • Where do you think I could focus my efforts to strengthen my team and the organization?

You may be most surprised what the gift of asking gets you — just in time to reap the reward of turning feedback into active growth and flourishing.