I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Speaking of, this is always a good time to think about relationships of all kinds. In the workplace, our relationships are paramount, and one key aspect of creating and maintaining high-functioning, successful relationships with our teammates is fostering a culture of appreciation.

Leadership drives organizational values, and everyone looks to you to set the tone on relationships and culture. Of course, it takes a lot of time, attention, and hard work to get the culture humming. Leaders who value a positive culture benefit from demonstrating appreciation to their employees. They know it can actually impact the bottom line of the business.

So, here are a few ideas/reminders about Appreciation.

1. Learn the languages of appreciation.

Know that people express and receive appreciation in different ways. We tend to show appreciation in ways that we would want to be appreciated. However, the key is to consider the different personalities and styles of your people and to know what is most meaningful to them.

2. Genuine encouragement matters.

Being genuine matters. Your people will know the difference between you going through the motions and offering heartfelt encouragement. Take time to pause, reflect and savor this: finding ways to express genuine encouragement increases loyalty in your organization and helps create a more positive work environment.

3. Appreciate everyone.

Don’t leave anyone out. With the right environment, encouragement, and appreciation, every teammate has the potential to be a superstar.

Take a look inside and be honest with yourself. Are you taking the time to notice who is deserving of a high-five, who needs your time and genuine attention, and places where a simple thank you will make a world of difference?

Cheers to making a difference!


*Inspired by: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Dr. Chapman and Dr. White