We are no longer waiting for 2023 – it’s here. It’s been an interesting few years.

So, what’s the right approach to life in 2023? I’m here to tell you I’m figuring it out for myself, and I hope you are, too. Since we are all unique, and our desires, history, and experiences differ, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all 2023 strategy for our future either personally or in business/work.

The excellent news is that we have the will and personal providence to choose our aspirations. I’ve been pondering what choices I’ll make. This year I set out to make health, wellness, and happiness my motto. My business goals are still unfolding as Theresa and I set the direction for the next phase of our business. We are clear about letting go of what no longer serves us –and by serves us I mean makes us happy.

So, step by step, life continues to unfold. Let’s all continue to take an active role in the unfolding. Perhaps this will be guided by our hearts and our instincts will play a more prominent role. Decisions can be made, and they can be changed when needed. I have a feeling 2023 will be a transformational year.

I send you best wishes as you awaken to all your heart’s desires. If you want help in developing your plan, give us a call.

Thanks for walking with me, with us. I couldn’t wish for better sojourners.

Mary Anne Wampler