Theresa and I were wondering what we should post this week. We were both pondering the possibilities when there was a definite pause in our conversation. In typical Enneagram 6 fashion, I thought, “Oh no, we don’t have anything,” but then she had a thought about an article she had just read on the value of Awkward Silence.

“Why Brilliant Minds Embrace the Rule of Awkward Silence”
By: Justin Bariso

Now, Theresa and I can certainly chat it up, but we also are totally fine with being with each other in silence – except for that time years ago when we did a day-long silent retreat at the National Cathedral. I started laughing so hard at lunch that we thought it best to leave after lunch. However, in all seriousness, we both truly value a good Pause and encourage folks to take a moment to reflect before they act. You’ll often hear me say, “Let me sit with it for a while.” Personally, I have a 24-hour rule on the big stuff.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about how silence works in your life, but give it a minute first, then let us know what you think.

Mary Anne Wampler