Today’s tip was a struggle. Deciding what message to send in these times is tough. There’s so much going on in the world it feels a bit like being suspended on the top peak of a serious roller coaster. Sometimes my nervous system says, “Help, it’s all out of control!” Other times I clearly see a striking 360 view of the landscape.

The message that came to me this morning was that today (September 21) was National Gratitude Day and that felt like a part of that 360 view. It’s the remembrance of what’s good in our lives and how gratitude serves us in so many ways. Here’s a link to a fabulous article on the Psychology Today website about how to cultivate and practice gratitude.

Click here to read “Gratitude” by Psychology Today.

One of the things I’m grateful for is remembering I have the skills, the wisdom, and the practices to ride the roller coaster. I hope this article helps you remember the value gratitude brings to our lives. Perhaps this week we can each take a few pauses to explore and embody gratitude.

Mary Anne Wampler