Throughout the month of August, we discussed ways to utilize transformational tools such as self-observation and the Enneagram to “show up” and communicate with intentionality. Becoming aware of our innate communication styles and reactionary behaviors allow us to overcome challenges faced in both personal and professional relationships. Join us as we continue to observe and reflect on these everyday lessons.

Let us know what you look forward to learning more about in the future!

Celebrating Our Furry Co-Workers

This week we celebrate our co-workers of the furry kind. Send us pictures of your pups so we can see who you’re working with these days. And don’t forget to celebrate your four-footed colleagues this Saturday, August 26, on National Dog Day.



The Enneagram and Communication

In every personal or business relationship, on teams or at home, open, compassionate, honest, self-aware communication is oh so important. Take a look at what we’ve excerpted from one of our favorite Enneagram books and see what resonates with you.



How Well Do You Know Yourself?

We interact with people all day long. Some we know well, others we may only know casually. Yet, how often do you ask yourself: How well do I know myself?



A Common Thread Between Music and Sales

How do you “show up” to your sales conversations? Do you miss steps? Or do you follow your process from start to finish? What is the experience your prospects and clients have of your interactions? Take an honest look at the 13 points and see what you think.