Hoping to escape work for a well-needed vacation, adventure, or staycation this summer? Everybody knows that preparing to go on vacation can be stressful, so we thought we’d come up with a list of things to do so that you can really be away from the office. Here are 10 things to do a few days before you leave:

  • Touch Base Again with Colleague(s) Who Are Filling in: Connect one more time with the colleague(s) who are going to fill in while you’re gone to see if they have any last-minute questions. It’s far better to take the time now instead of getting the panicked call from the office just as you’re about to ride the waves at the beach or step into that refreshing pool.
  • Provide Documents and Passwords: Are there key documents you should leave out or send to co-workers to access while you’re gone? Any passwords or links they need to know about?
  • Communication with You While You’re Gone: Be clear about your accessibility. Do you want work to call you on certain matters? What is an emergency and what can wait? Who will handle what calls in your absence? If you will not be available at all, let them know.
  • Out-of-Office Messages: Set your email and voicemail to an OUT-OF-OFFICE message. You might also consider keeping your out-of-office notice on for a little while after you return to allow time to catch up on all the messages you received when you were gone. Or you could just be sure to carve out some time for that on your calendar when you return.
  • Remind Key Players of Your Absence: Remind your manager and key clients that you will be away. Let them know who to contact in your absence.
  • Put Your Mail on Hold with the Post Office: For home and at some offices you can make an online request for the Post Office to hold your mail and deliver it when you return. To check to see if you can put your mail on hold, go to USPS.com, https://www.usps.com/. Select the Receive tab at the top, and then select Hold Mail. Log in to make your request, or if you are new to USPS online, select Create Account.
  • Still Receiving a Newspaper and don’t want a pile of unread newspapers at your doorstep? Go to your newspaper’s subscription page and search for “Put Delivery on Hold.”
  • Return from Vacation To-Do List: While they are still fresh in your mind, make a list of things you need to do when you return. Schedule time on your calendar the day you get back to check in with those who have covered for you during your absence.
  • Pet Care: Are you all set with care for your pet? Several of us have found wonderful pet sitters at Rover.com. (https://www.rover.com/)
  • Turn Off Your Email on Your Cell Phone: This may be the hardest to do, but if you really want a break and are confident that you have a solid coverage plan, turn off incoming office email.

We hope you have plans for some rest, relaxation and fun and this list helps you really get away.

Chris, Mary Anne, Theresa and Tib