A couple of weeks ago, we shared some of the patterned obstacles of each type that may provide learnings for us in relationships. This week we wanted to highlight some of the inherent relational gifts of each type. Which of these do you notice showing up in yourself in your workplace/relationships? What would you add?

  • Ones are inherently responsible and dependable people who can take pleasure in their work and relationships. They can also sense how good things could be and can be playful given the right circumstances.
  • Twos love people and have a radar for picking up on (and delivering to) the needs of others.  They can be appreciative and giving.
  • Threes bring active energy to relationships and can easily find rapport with different types of people. They can also get on with it, not dwelling on negatives – let’s move forward together.
  • Fours will be there for you when it really matters. Whether in highs or lows, their empathy will be present.
  • Fives are solid and not outwardly emotional, but once they’ve made a commitment, it can be steady and lasting. They can bring grounding reason to your relationship.
  • Sixes are loyal and will have your back. You can count on them to see things through in smooth and rough times. They will stand by their key relationships and work through challenges as necessary.
  • Sevens can be charming and the life of the party. They can raise the energy to help you see the possibilities and opportunities in situations and in all things.
  • Eights will give those they are close to the shirts off their back and fiercely protect them. Their lust for life and experiences can keep relationships exciting.
  • Nines are easy to be with, and you’ll know you are truly valued. They are calming and understanding.

We hope this helps you increase your self-awareness and understand more completely your gifts to others.