Recently, we’ve been highlighting the importance of our relationships in the workplace. Since we know each Enneagram type has patterned obstacles – which can also be great teachers in our lives, we wanted to share a few of these so you can increase your awareness of them and how/if they show up in your workplace relationships.

1. Your quest for perfection inadvertently can make others feel judged.
2. Your attempt to get your own needs met through other people without directly asking can be confusing and may come across as needy.
3. Your drive for success can be intense and override your social awareness.
4. Your desire for deep, meaningful, authentic connections can disconnect you from people as they actually are.
5. Your focus on getting complete information and facts may keep you from being aware of and connecting to others.
6. Your doubting mind may keep you from fully trusting yourself and/or others.
7. Your concern with keeping your options open can frustrate others when you jump to the next idea while projects remain incomplete.
8. Your full steam ahead energy can overpower and distress others as you work to maintain control.
9. Your need to avoid conflict by keeping the peace makes it difficult to have complete honestly in relationships.

We’d love to hear about the lessons/transformations awareness of these obstacles brings you.

Stay tuned next month for an exploration of each type’s gifts in relationship.