Is your management team supporting your desired workplace culture and relationships? During the month of March, we assembled a guide to help leadership address stress and the sense of belonging in the workplace. We also recognize common obstacles your enneagram type faces in workplace relationships. Join us in identifying opportunities to support your goals and discuss these topics with your leadership team.

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The Gift of Relational Obstacles

Recently, we’ve been highlighting the importance of our relationships in the workplace. Since we know each Enneagram type has patterned obstacles – which can also be great teachers in our lives, we wanted to share a few of these so you can increase your awareness of them and how/if they show up in your workplace relationships.



Does Your Organization Have a Culture of Belonging?

“Seventy-nine percent of organizations say fostering a sense of belonging in the workforce is important or very important for their success over the next 12 to 18 months, but only 13 percent say they are very ready to address this trend. 93% agreed that a sense of belonging drives organizational performance.”



To Be a Great Leader, Understand Your Impact on Others

A survey regarding the mental health of the workforce recently was conducted involving 3400 employees, including managers, in 10 countries by The Workforce Institute at UKG, a think tank working on “empowering organizations with practical ideas for optimizing the 21st-century workforce.”



Working w/ the Narrative Enneagram in Your Life & Business

Join Mary Anne and the Women’s Business Network of Frederick on May 11 as she discusses implementing the Enneagram into your business.