Reflections on a Year Like No Other – 2020

December 1, 2020 Personal Development
As 2020 ends, we invite you to answer the five questions below. When responding, consider all aspects of your life, your work, as well as your key relationships. While it has been undeniably a year like no other, the growth and development opportunities have been plentiful, and many are saying that the lessons they have learned have been life-changing. So, as we walk through this season of life, please give yourself the gift of reflection. Find a quiet place grab a cup of hot tea or a glass of vino, sit by a roaring fire and reflect and review 2020 – the year like no other.

1. What did you accomplish this year? What are you most proud of achieving?

2. What lessons have you learned? 

3. What have you avoided or distracted yourself from looking at or dealing with?

4. What have you let go of?

5. What are you grateful for?

Stay tuned – we will be turning our attention to 2021 before you know it.  2020 will certainly be an interesting page to turn.
Onward,  Mary Anne & Theresa