I recently attended a webinar hosted by Gallup Organization on How to Keep Remote Worker Wellbeing High. One of the key takeaways was the urgency for leaders, right now, to stay attentive to their own and their employees’ wellbeing. By wellbeing they include one’s physical, social, career, financial and community needs. Their recent research reveals a direct correlation between a leader’s wellbeing and that of their employees. I shared this in a recent leadership team meeting and the CEO stopped, took a deep breath, and said, “I have been so caught up in just surviving, I have stopped doing everything I was doing to take care of myself.” Others on the team chimed in with similar comments. When stressed or in a crisis, as we are right now, this is often a typical response, yet, those who successfully navigate through difficult situations know that staying physically healthy, mentally focused, and emotionally grounded are essential ingredients of their success. 

Sound advice but not always easy to do. Each of us needs to find our “new normal” when it comes to wellbeing. Below are some suggestions that may steer you in the right direction.

1. Stick with your typical routines.

Get up at the same time, eat breakfast and lunch at the same time, and end your day at the same time you did when you were going into the office. Make time to move – walk, run, do a workout – just get your body moving each day. In talking with our clients, those who have maintained their “work” routine at home are coping far better than those who have lost their routine. Having a routine creates a sense of comfort and familiarity – we all need that right now!

2. Stay connected. 

Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or whatever tools you are using are the go-to medium for making connection these days. I have heard so many creative ways people are staying connected with family, friends, co-workers and clients. Dinners with family, morning cafes or happy hours with workers or clients, and the latest, from Howard County Chamber, a “screen to table” hour hosting a local chef who teaches the family, via Zoom, how to cook a meal. Share what you are doing with us on our Facebook page. 

3. Include some humor and fun in your day.

I read the comics every morning and this helps me start off the day a little lighter. A good laugh, once a day, does the body, mind and spirit good! Here’s a video that will give you your daily dose of laughter.

4. Be mindful of the new habits you are creating.

Positive habits, such as keeping your routines, exercising, reading or listening to uplifting stories, laughing, etc., support your wellbeing. While these times may increase the need to seek relief in non-supportive habits, stay mindful of their impact on your wellbeing. A little time to veg in front of the TV, or eating a little too much, or browsing online for a bit, can be healthy “time outs” or they can be ways to distract yourself from what you really want or need in the moment. These times call for us to be gentle with ourselves, yet, staying awake to what our needs are and filling them with healthy alternatives is the ticket to success.

5. Find ways to stay centered and grounded in yourself. 

Some do meditation, others do yoga, and others just get out in nature. Building an inner capacity to calm, soothe, and relax your head, heart and body are life-long skills that will support you no matter what is going on outside of yourself. We offered this 3-Centered Practice a few weeks ago that is a 10-minute exercise you can do each day to build this skill.

We are all in this together, yet, right now, YOU are the master of your destiny. Stay well during these times and if you need someone to cheer you on, reach out to us.

Theresa Gale

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