It’s Time to Reflect on 2018

December 18, 2018 Transformational Coaching

If you were to write a story about your 2018, what would it include? What have your triumphs and successes been? What have your struggles and challenges been, and how have you overcome them this year? What remains a challenge for you to overcome? What regrets and disappointments have you had? What surprises did you have, and how did you respond to them? What adventures did you have? How did your Enneagram Type support (or hinder) you in writing your story in 2018? How did you grow and develop personally and professionally? Finally, what are your dreams, desires, and hopes for the New Year?

Go on … write that story as you sit by a fire or watch a lovely sunset! When you are done, ask yourself, how do I feel about 2018? Be honest … what are you grateful for? What are you sad about? What frustrated or angered you? What brought you joy this year? What new emotions did you have? What emotions did you avoid or distract yourself from? If there was one word you could pick to describe how you feel about 2018, what would that be?

Lastly, to close the book on 2018, is there anything else you want to get done by December 31st? Hurry now … you have a few days to make it happen!