If there’s one thing we believe, it’s that for real transformation to occur understanding yourself is vital. Self-awareness, all those large and small insights you gain through making mistakes – as well as also paying attention to your successes – enables you to keep growing and serves to inform your journey. Awareness is the second step in our Mastery Model. Self-mastery is a way to guide our actions with awareness and intentions rather than by habits and reactions. Although it wonderfully satisfying to think just diving right into “solution mode” is a way to grow and develop most people agree: achieving self-awareness of the head, heart and body takes time and commitment.

Time, really? (Cue the collective sigh.) The subject of being busy has been a trending topic for some time now (pardon the pun!) among people. However, last fall Harvard Business Review devoted an entire issue to the topic of The Overcommitted Organization. It’s even universally acknowledged, hitting the “pause” button even takes time.

So what does it take to break free of the busy trap and find 15-minutes here, and 30-minutes there, to focus on your personal and professional growth? Commitment.

Our latest book Transformational Tips: Mastering the Moments is ideal for anyone at any point in their life. It is a great companion to take on an hour-long lunch break or visit to the coffee shop on Saturday morning. You might even find reading alone on a nearby park bench could be a one step forward to help you solve for an otherwise crazy schedule, overwhelmed mind looking for some space to develop self-awareness. That was, originally a part of why we gathered posts we had previously published for our Monday Morning Tips (weekly messages developed to “wake up” our readers) from the past decade. Each message was selected to align “the Big Picture” with the day-to-day actionable steps needed to support your personal and business success.

As always, thanks for reading. If you’d like to order your own copy of Transformational Tips: Mastering the Moments the book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We’d love to hear your reactions. Please post and share your insights and reviews.