It is rewarding when you help someone go after a dream and then see it come true. I am blessed to have two different jobs that allow me to help people on their journeys to accomplishing their dreams.

As a mother (Job 1), I helped two of my sons, Kevin and Daniel, accomplish their dreams of playing baseball in college. Then this June, a few weeks after graduating from college, my son Kevin’s lifelong dream came true: He was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 10th Round of the 2016 Major League Baseball (MLB) draft. No one in our family – or in our large circle of baseball friends – had ever been drafted. It was a wonderful moment that I will never forget!

What Kevin accomplished is very inspiring to me. What stands out most is that even when Kevin was doing really well, he continued to work hard to get better. He was focused on his goal. When challenges came up, if he struggled hitting or had a nagging injury, he did not get discouraged. He reached out to others to get assistance, advice and insight. This is a commonly accepted practice in the sports world – continuous improvement. Athletes consult experts to help them during the challenging times and when things are going well. They seek out coaches, trainers, doctors, and other players who have similar experiences.

As a Transform employee (Job 2), I’ve seen first-hand the truly amazing clients who, like Kevin, had a vision for their business or career and who have worked very hard to excel and achieve success. While seeking expert help is not as common in the business world as it is in sports, these clients have hired Transform because they want to continue to improve, and they are not afraid to reach out for help, advice and counsel. That inspires me every day.

I’ve spent many years helping my sons reach their dreams. Now, I am honored to do the same working with Transform, supporting Theresa and Mary Anne in giving their best to clients who are working to be their best.

I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you, and I will keep you updated on Kevin’s journey with the Dodgers.

By Christine Johnson Lachance,

Chris has been with Transform, Inc. for a year. Prior to Transform, she spent 15 years with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) as a Senior Market Consultant. She has her MBA in Marketing and Management from George Mason University and has also worked in the areas of human resource management, strategic planning, business development and consulting. Now that the youngest of her 3 sons is in college, she and Andy, her husband of 24 years, enjoy traveling – whether it’s to see their oldest, an EMT in New Jersey, or to see their 2 other sons play baseball. They look forward to spending more time at their lake house and traveling to locations that have nothing to do with baseball.