Every interaction counts and if you are not tracking every interaction your company has with your clients, you are missing huge opportunities to turn interactions into exceptional, memorable experiences. What’s the difference between being greeted in the lobby and asked what type of beverage you would like and having the client’s favorite beverage already waiting for him/her?  What makes a call to someone in your company memorable — that the client was greeted by first name or that you were able to state exactly what happened on their last call to the company. How different is the experience when a client calls in and the receptionist says, “I see that you spoke to John about your service yesterday. How may we assist you today?”

Knowing and recording client interactions so that anyone who comes in contact with a client has the benefit of knowing everything there is to know about the client and his/her interactions with the Company creates an edge …the question is how much of an edge do you need to have to differentiate yourself from your competition? 

It could be just one encounter that makes the difference.

Make sure one of your 2013 goals is to ensure that all encounters with clients are recorded, that any employee who interacts with clients has access to that information, and last and most important, make sure they know how to use it so that every encounter is the reason why clients keep coming back!