A Fresh Perspective Helps Everyone
November 30, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
If we work with people long enough, we tend to form certain beliefs, assumptions and biases about them that sometimes can hinder our ability to be objective when working with them. Let’s look at some examples of this: A ...
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Take a Trip with Us
November 14, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
Time seems to fly by, yet it is often marked by special occasions. Our annual Enneagram Conference is held each Fall and it is one of those “special occasions”. It’s lovely to be able to share time with fellow ...
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Hope is Not a Strategy
November 13, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
This is the title of a sales book that is about how to win complex sales deals yet the title lends itself to so many situations that we thought we’d look at it as this week begins. “Hope motivates ...
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Take the First Step
October 31, 2011 Blog, Monday Morning Wake Up Tips, Uncategorized
Recently, we were privileged to spend time with David Wythe, a poet, storyteller, and business consultant. Not only is he very charming (with a British accent) but incredibly gifted in his ability to capture the human spirit and story ...
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What’s your Organization’s Compelling Story?
October 24, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
I (Theresa) just finished reading High Altitude Leadership by Chris Warner and Don Schmincke. What an adventure that was! Chris Warner is the founder of EarthTreks, a Maryland-based rock climbing gym and mountaineering company and Don Schmincke is founder ...
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Words of Encouragement and Inspiration for Leaders
October 17, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
For Leaders by John O’Donohue May you have the grace and wisdom to act kindly, learning to distinguish between what is personal and what is not. May you be hospitable to criticism. May you never put yourself at the ...
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Don’t Forget to Tell the “Why”
October 10, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
“No matter what business you are in, everyone in the organization needs to know why.” Frances Hesselbein, President, The Drucker Foundation It’s that time of year when attention turns to the new year approaching and the internal wheels begin ...
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Selling is Not About Relationships …. What?
October 10, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
This article offers an interesting point of view, based on research, that I think individual salespeople should take a look at to see what holds/doesn’t hold true for them.  Personally, I’m in the Challenger category but that’s not a newsflash. But, I don’t think for a ...
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The Power Of Your Energy
September 12, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
Heard the expression, “actions speak louder than words?” Well we believe that your energy speaks even louder than your actions. So what is energy? Energy is your life force. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, refers to energy as ...
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The Only Constant Is “Me”
August 29, 2011 Monday Morning Wake Up Tips
For those of us on the East Coast, last week proved to be interesting and memorable. Tuesday brought a 5.8 earthquake and Saturday brought a Category 1 Hurricane. Luckily there was minimal damage and injury. In retrospect, as is ...
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