Throughout the month of September, we discussed workplace relationships and our awareness of personalities. It’s important to understand ourselves and our blindspots as well as our coworkers — using the Enneagram is a great place to start. We also talked about questioning habits and how if you want to change a behavioral pattern, you need a strong and compelling reason to change, and you must be able to envision the payoff you will get from that changed behavior.

Let us know what you look forward to learning more about in the future!

Identifying Blindspots in the Workplace

The relationships you have are vital to success in the workplace. Especially for leaders and managers, it is critical that we look at the quality and effectiveness of our relationships with others.



The Right Questions to Lead to Better Habits

Some of life’s experiences get hard-wired into us at a very young age, and our awareness of how they are dictating what we think and feel and how we act remains at an unconscious level until we, or someone in our life, asks, “Why are you doing that?”