Graduation season for the Class of 2023 is wrapping up, and we want to say congratulations on your accomplishments and cheers to your future!

As you prepare to enter the workforce, we thought that this “Commencement Speech” blog¹ might be helpful. Although the work and business world has changed significantly over the past few years, many of the basics of how to build and sustain a career have not. Many of the concepts in this blog are foundational behaviors and skills that will help you succeed in your career whether you are fresh out of college or looking to advance. Take a look – and let us know what resonates for you. What else would you have added either for new graduates joining your company – or for those employees further into their careers?



¹Adam Bryant. “A Commencement Speech for the Quiet Quitting Era,” Strategy + Business (blog), May 17, 2023, /A-commencement-speech-for-the-quietquitting-era/.