Does your organization provide training for building healthy, collaborative, and productive relationships in the workplace? During the month of February, we assembled a guide to identifying and fostering healthy work relationships. Join us in identifying opportunities to support your goals and discuss these topics with your leadership team.

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How to Build Healthy Relationships at Work

Take a peek into what makes Mary Anne and Theresa’s relationship thrive and our work with clients to assist them in creating a culture that inspires and fosters the building of healthy relationships at all levels within the organization.



Don’t Let Unhealthy Relationships Repel Top Talent or Impact Your Results

We encourage you to assess your work relationships and how these patterns operate in your life today. Which ones are healthy? Which ones need some attention? Then turn your attention to your culture.



The First Step In Self-Development

When you pay attention through your Enneagram type’s lens, you’ll probably notice these themes. Are these patterns creating challenges in your life?