By the time this comes out, we will be closing in on Super Bowl LVll and waiting to see who wins the Conference Championships. I’m a Raven’s fan, and I stayed up too late last night to see us lose. No one likes losing (or losing sleep).

Even more than in football, I love winning in the Sales arena of business and am committed to helping others win there, too. Teams where I’m on the coaching staff usually win even when they have tough opponents. So, how do these winning Sales teams do it?

They operate with purpose and a winning vision.

They hire talented salespeople, or they hire people with huge potential.

They treat sales like the profession it is.

They train constantly, and their management coaches constantly.

They stay in the moment.

They play a long game.

They know their stats.

They work hard and know how much is on the line – win or lose they persevere.

They bounce back, shaking it off when they take a hit.

They put their trust in the whole company to deliver the quality of goods and services they are selling.

They have a creative, well-developed playbook they follow, and they practice whether they are in the mood to or not.

They stay close to their clients and their prospects – and “watch film” by debriefing their calls to see what they did well and where they need to improve.

They play fair – without too many penalties.

They listen intensely and make great eye-contact with their quarterback.

They believe in themselves as winners, and they celebrate their wins.

I’m so proud of the work I do with Sales teams. They have a really tough job – and their personal compensation is on the line, but no matter how the game is going, they get out and play for the good of the whole company.

Will your Sales team make the playoffs this year? The Super Bowl? If you want to review your strategies to make sure they do, give us a call. We’re glad to help.

Mary Anne Wampler