In our over twenty-five years of successfully using the Enneagram in partnership with clients, we’ve learned a thing or two about people, the Enneagram, and business. We all know that a business is the sum of its people, and what we have found is…

The Enneagram is an extraordinarily accurate personality system that combines psychology and ancient wisdom. It offers a powerful map for understanding the human condition. This nine-pointed map provides a profound understanding of people as they are to themselves and how they operate in the world. These nine distinct worldviews describe each type’s core motivation, habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, as well as its unique strengths, limitations and blind spots. These insights, coupled with the developed skill of self-awareness, create the possibility of lasting transformation and living a well-lived life.

In our experience, there is not greater method than the Narrative Approach to exploring the Enneagram types. We strongly believe that each person is an expert on themselves and, therefore, holds the truth of what it means to be a particular type. As their stories, life lessons, strengths, challenges, and paths of transformation are shared, the type comes alive and we gain insights not only into each particular type but into our own experience of relating to that type, The Narrative Approach is a direct line to their unfolding truth, not seen through our perception but through theirs.

The transformations we’ve witnessed through our over 50 years of combined experience in working with the Enneagram with individuals and organizations are awe-inspiring. If you’d like to discover how you can use the Enneagram to transform you, your business, and your results, give us a call.

PS: If you want to learn a little more about awe, check out next week’s blog.