It’s easier to sell during a bull market. It’s easier to lead during times of growth. But as leaders, when the picture changes into a view of the unknown, it tests us deep down.

How do we lead through the unknown? As an Enneagram 6, I live on the edge of the known and unknown every day — and don’t we all, really? Right now, with all this unfamiliar economic chatter, I’m noticing people’s Enneagram types both tripping them up and serving them well. The tripping often comes in the form of reactivity, and what that looks like varies by type and person. If the economic chatter has any reality to it, it makes sense that now would be the time to show up as the best, most self-aware leader you can be. Now would be the time to dig deep, stay steady and open, and channel your best leadership self, lead with confidence, transparency, and vision.

And if the chatter is overhyped, remember you could turn this into a useful exercise. Either way, I’m convinced you’ll become more accomplished because of it.

Here are a few thoughts on what I believe it will take to ensure accomplishment:

  • Pay attention to how your Enneagram type is showing up on a daily basis.
  • Hone your self-observation skills to see yourself clearly.
  • Manage your own reactions.
  • Have a solid strategic plan and know when to adjust.
  • Identify and line up the internal and external resources needed for success.
  • Stay passionate around your company’s mission and vision.
  • Execute plans skillfully with precision and intention.
  • Be the voice of reason.
  • Be realistic, not starry eyed — no magical thinking.
  • Keep your people’s – and your own — spirits up.

Remember we are always here as a resource to check in with if you want it.

Mary Anne Wampler