Perhaps the market is about to tighten, and if that happens, businesses competition will increase. Less order taking and more selling can be a good thing for sales teams as it makes them sharpen their sales skills. Markets go up and they go down. Selling well in either is smart business. There will always be plenty of business if you can sell effectively. And, sensible companies prepare, in case conditions tighten. In the spirit of that sensible preparation, here’s a question to ponder:

What differentiates you from your competition? Do any of these apply?

  • Level/depth of relationships with prospects & clients
  • Ability to identify and understand your buyer’s situation—needs, wants, desires, expectations
  • Ability to present a solution that addresses buyer’s needs, wants, desires, and expectations
  • Service experiences that exceed expectations
  • Reputation and professionalism—brand image
  • Referrals—raving fans
  • Service offerings tailored for buyers
  • Price that translates into value perceived
  • Innovation

What else differentiates you from your competition?

If you ever want to talk more about sensible preparation and developing your sales team into a dream team, give us a call.

Mary Anne Wampler