For over 25 years as we’ve brought the Enneagram into the workplace and world, we’ve remained committed to its ethical use. Here’s a valuable list of guidelines from The Narrative Enneagram*.

  • Help others discover their type; don’t tell them what type they are.
  • Avoid stereotyping. Each of us is an individual expression of our type.
  • Don’t make excuses or find faults for behavior based on type.
  • Refrain from using your style as a justification for your actions.
  • When you have a negative reaction to another type, investigate your own reactivity. Don’t assume the issue is with the other.
  • See other sources of issues in addition to the Enneagram.
  • Avoid using the Enneagram for your personal agenda.
  • Recognize that the Enneagram requires time, effort, and commitment.
  • Respect the privacy and personal boundaries of participants.
  • Avoid making business decisions based on type or using the Enneagram in a selection process.

We firmly believe that using these guidelines as ground rules sets the stage and provides a safe and productive environment for the work.

Let us know what you think.

Mary Anne Wampler and Theresa Gale

* © 2022 The Narrative Enneagram