Each day for the past 55 days, Theresa has written about/reflected upon the question, What Unites Us? Here’s an excerpt that may be “just right” for you and your company today.

Human beings seek to be “just right.” The story of Goldilocks told us of encountering porridge as “too hot”, “too cold” and “just right.” When things are too hot or too cold, we are uncomfortable, but when things are “just right”, we are able to live in the “middle way” with a vantage point of seeing both polarities from a neutral, objective stance. What does “just right” look like for you? When you swing to one side or the other, how does your lens, attitudes and behaviors change? Sometimes it is important to take a stand at one side of the polarities but sometimes it is more important to choose the “just right” way. Often this moves us away from division and toward unity or from “my” way to “our” way.”

What unites your employees? What is dividing them right now? This contentious political season may have everyone out of sorts and now is a good time to consider what would be “just right” to do to bring everyone back together and remember what it is that unifies everyone in the Company. Values are a great way to bring your team together. What are the Firm’s values and how are they demonstrated by every employee in his/her position?

We’ve developed a company-wide process to “remember” who we are as a company, why we do what we do, and how each employee contributes to the company’s success. If you want to give your company and employees a boost right now as you enter into the final days of 2020, send us an email or give us a call to explore doing this process with your team or Company.