What work environment brings out the best in you? In the Narrative Enneagram we learn from different Types what is the work environment that best supports them. The Heart Types are those who seek connection and relationship with others. How others view them is important and is, all too often, how they define themselves. Type 2 is giving and helpful. Type 3 values doing and winning. Type 4 seeks to be unique and different. Listen in as these Types tell us what work environment best supports them.

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Type 2 works best in a work environment that recognizes the importance of being aware of one’s needs and asking for what is needed. They prefer team work and being a part of a team. When management is appreciative of the efforts of those who work behind the scenes, this Type feels valued. Having clear boundaries of authority and communication helps this Type know the “rules of the game” and who’s most important to help.


Type 3 works best in a work environment that recognizes performance and rewards it. This Type focuses on goals and getting things done and so a workplace that has goals and values winning (healthy competition) keeps this Type motivated. Since this Type is often overscheduled and overcommitted, a workplace that encourages and, at times, demands that this Type take some time off, sends a message that this Type’s health and wellbeing is valued as well as their performance.


Type 4 works best in a work environment that recognizes individual expression and contribution. A workplace that has appreciation for building strong relationships expressing one’s feelings (in a healthy way) brings out the best in this Type. Since this Type’s attention often goes to what is missing (in them), management that gives feedback that doesn’t make comparisons and judgments and sends the message that what s/he is doing is “enough.” When a Type 4 feels understood and appreciated for their contributions, this Type will be productive and goal-oriented. Type 4’s thrive in a workplace where creative, unique expression is valued.