It appears that we are in the midst of significant change as a society and individually. With meaningful and lasting change comes struggles and opportunities.

Here’s a proven approach that can guide you through the change process. At Transform, we practice it personally and have shared it with our clients for years. This 5 step Universal Growth Process was developed by our Enneagram friends Dr. David Daniels, and Terry Saracino. David is no longer with us, but his seminal Enneagram work lives on. Terry is a dear friend, core faculty at ESNT and a renowned Enneagram teacher.

Choose an area you are committed to changing then apply these principles to the situation. Let us know how it goes. Reach out if you want/need more support. We’ll be rooting for you.

Awareness: having a practice to increase receptivity and grounded presence; basically, having a fundamental breath practice.

Acceptance: opening the heart in kindness to self and others, but especially to one’s own reactivity and upset. This doesn’t mean capitulating, condoning, or agreeing with our own or others’ behavior! It simply gives a positive way to work with our reactivity.

Appreciation: requires realizing that the positives in our lives often get neglected and require our re-experiencing them in order to help us use appreciation as a great resource. Appreciation is exactly that and more; it’s an appreciation for “what” is revealing itself, for what we are allowing ourselves to become conscious of, tender and attentive to, and have compassion for within and about ourselves and someone else.

Action: noticing —> pausing —> collecting energy —> containing not suppressing it, when we get reactive or are find ourselves on automatic, then conducting inquiry, and then mentoring ourselves to a constructive, present-to-the-self course of action.

Adherence: committing to the UGP and to working with type-related core issues in daily life, realizing that changing our patterns takes continual practice. When we can witness, or self-observe, our own habit of mind its repetitive, limiting pattern in a nonjudgmental way with gratitude – the first “3As” – we gain leverage in changing the pattern.



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