Over the last few weeks, we have been given the opportunity to consider time. How we use it, do we appreciate pivotal moments, and ponder how to best allocate our attention. When you take advantage of your time, appreciate the moment, and focus your attention you can “guarantee that you make every day a great day.” So, lets recap!

How Will You Use This Day?

While we are in uncharted, uncertain times right now, there is one thing that remains the same — that is the amount of hours, minutes and seconds we have in each day and how we make use of our waking hours is the topic of this thought by Theresa Gale.

“What to Remember When Waking” A David Whyte Poem

In these challenging times we find ourselves thinking about time, how we use it and taking advantage of this opportunity to reflect. Take a moment to consider how we wake up to each new day and what those first moments of the day offer us by listening to David Whyte’s beautiful poem from TED, “What to Remember When Waking”. Listen in and ask yourself, “Did I take the opportunity to appreciate my waking moment today?”

Listen to David Whyte’s Poem Here

Where is Your Attention?

What is attention and what impact does it have on whether you have a bad, good, or great day? Did you know that you have control over your attention? Join Theresa Gale and learn how to gain greater control of your attention.

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