“The most important thing in life is to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will.’ Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities.”
–Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

So, the first annual professional athletic championship of the decade is over and is now in the books. Two teams met in Miami on Sunday. Millions watched. One won. Another lost. And, still, there will be another game* next year.

Sometimes these games produce controversy while other times bring us “comeback” stories. Regardless of who plays on the field, annual championships act as milestones and mark seasonal passages. And for those who didn’t win, the coaches, the players, and all the many members of the larger franchise teams – those individual contributors who work behind the scenes to support the entire operational effort – there’s a renewed possibility of “next year.”

Let’s face it: Winning matters. But so does investing in your team. Empowered teams provide an irreplaceable competitive advantage. Maybe you’ve wondered why some business owners attract an abundance of talent? Things seem to come “easier” for them. If so, it might be time to invest in leadership coaching to work on “stepping up” your own game. Now’s the time for you, leader, aka “coach,” to ask yourself another important question: Is your team on track to win? Could your team rally and adapt quickly to sudden “game changing” shifts in the marketplace?

Transformational coaching services contributes to readiness. Think of it as proactive effort to prepare for those “what if” moments. Coaching work can focus on improving your individual performance or within the context of your specific functional role (i.e., sales strategy coaching).

For business leaders sharing “Big picture” visions and strategic scenario plans provides opportunities to inform team members across the organization. Many leaders know sharing is vital – to increased engagement – however, sparks do not necessarily guarantee all team members commit to being “all in.”

We know that teams that are solid, aligned and “future-proofed” can quickly adapt to changes and are better positioned to handle almost anything. So here are a few ideas on ways to act and involve your team in possible future-proofing strategies.

1. Brainstorm potential “what if’s” and generate a list of “now what” scenarios.

Scenario planning helps to shape future outcomes. When strategic thinking is done in advance– prior to encountering setbacks or challenges – team members are prepared to “hit the ground running” with plans that are aligned and agile. Have you built in resistance and flexibility, so the team is prepared to take initiative when it counts?

2. Explore new business models and consider strategic partnerships.

Future-proofing to include new business models and partnerships allows for expansion. Encourage a brainstorming session where your team can gather to think about solving problems differently.

3. Address gaps in team accountability.

Once you offer your team new models and frameworks can you identify new opportunities to condition their response to pressure? Specifically, in regard to sales and customer service. Provide role play opportunities to explore revenue-driven challenges. Doing this helps prepare the team to problem solve in the moment when unexpected challenges arise. Challenge the team to look for possibilities to measure response time.

Here’s our challenge: Empower your players. Invest in preparing them with proactive game plans. Commit to building a more confident, resilient team.

For more than 20 years, Transform has been guiding companies toward winning sales strategies that improve results and increases the bottom line. We think our client success stories showcase how we’ve helped to future-proof their teams.

We know one thing for sure: teams that are prepared to evolve – to rise up to both challenges and opportunities – are championship ready. Let’s schedule time to talk about partnering with you!

*Note: Already looking forward to the 2021 Super Bowl? Next year’s big game will be held in L.A.