As a business leader you can’t predict the future with certainty. If you can, we suggest that you guard that superpower! However, you can build a team and an organization that’s well positioned to thrive in uncertain times. Leaders that cultivate new mindsets, increase team skill sets and strengthen their own capabilities are better prepared for “what’s next.”

Forward-thinkers proactively focus on bridging and addressing existing gaps while paying attention to what’s next – they are ready to stand and deliver. So far, all this sounds simple, right? Focus. Pay attention. Adapt to disruption. Be prepared to shift when needed.

In today’s turbulent, and more complex marketplace, if you aren’t actively developing critical “must have” skills, chances are, you might not feel prepared to succeed. You might not feel as relevant as you once did. And the market will likely continue to change during the last quarter and into the new year. Basically, now it’s the wrong time to take your foot off the gas. The point? If you heighten the need to identify, assess and act now you are actively deciding to shift. And where your intention goes, your attention follows. The rest is about discipline.

Here are a few suggested ways to experiment and begin show up differently:

1. Hold weekly briefing huddles.

Sure, the typical operational meetings will still happen. We get it. The show must go on. However, hold some time and space on the calendar to experiment without some of those typical routines. Why? Use real-time “pop up” meetings to tap into those forecasts and assess gaps in pipelines. Brainstorm. Change the energy in ways that makes sense to your culture and team. Find ways to halt the hum-drum conference calls. The idea is to just be open! Doing so allows for new ideas to emerge.

2. Change the energy.

While games and ice breakers may not be the usual way your team interacts, it is one way to challenge the old, tired ways of gathering. As preschoolers we got active on sharing with “show and tell” sessions to nurture our connections. Get active! Find ways for your team to mix and mingle. Connected teams are ready to go the distance. People who are learning and growing together are ready to adapt. Ready. Set. Experiment with human to human connection.

3. Walk the talk.

Are you personally ready to act and communicate with urgency? Take a long look in the mirror before asking your team to “roll up their sleeves” and dig deeper. Be sure you are prepared to do the same. Defeating the status quo is a challenge – however, the time you invest in doing so, over the next two months, will lead to new ideas, solutions and momentum for 2020. Step up your own game.

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