Pace Yourself

November 19, 2019 Transformational Coaching

Sweet November. Season 3 of The Crown, the royal biopic of Queen Elizabeth II, finally returns to Netflix. Along with the annual kickoff of: seasonal celebrations and gatherings, fighting for prime parking spots, standing in those Black Friday lines, visiting our favorite local businesses on Small Business Saturday, logging in on Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday … all, in tandem, as we collectively practice of the art of slowing down.

[We read your thought bubble: “Ummm, wait. Hold the phone. What-the-what?’] That’s right, you read that last part right.

Repeat: “Now is the time to practice the art of slowing d-o-w-n.”

Have you heard about the “slow down to speed up” movement? Applause and cheers, if yes! If not, in a nutshell, the concept centers on mindset shift to “embrace slow” in order to emphasize process and choice versus short-term thinking and the pursuit of going fast, faster, fastest.

According to The World Institute of Slowness*, “the fastest way to a good life is to slow down.”

That’s when we sighed and thought “Well, *@#%!, if only we could afford to slow down.” Why should you embrace slow? First of all, it is fascinating and could be a great antidote to live in today’s rapidly changing, faster-faster world. Slowing down really does require us to live with more intent, be present and create more mindful, sustainable choices.

So, essentially, practicing the choice of slowing down allows for deeper connections with ourselves, each other and with our communities. As the year winds down, here are some practical tips for how slowing down can help you speed up.

1. Power up with a slow morning**

Wake up early. Meditate, read, exercise or, Eureka! do nothing at all. Cultivate peace and calm with habits and behaviors that fuel you.

2. Set a daily intention

Hold space at the start of your day to tune in to yourself. Use the time to clear your mind, choose one word and set an intention for the next ____ hours.

3. Live your Attitude of Gratitude vibe

Use gratitude as a catalyst in your daily interactions. Remember, you must be present to win.

Here at Transform we love spending time with our family, friends, clients and larger community. We hope you will practice making sure you are engaged in practical and pragmatic ways to slow down and savor the upcoming holiday season. Remember, you must be present to win.

And, as you set your intentions on how to lead your business in the coming year reach out if you are curious about how we can help. We work with business leaders to develop strategies to keep your eye on both the big picture while you deliver on the day-to-day tactical results needed to lead and grow your business. So, let’s connect. We’d welcome a discussion on how we can work together to achieve your vision in 2020.

Sources: *The World Institute of Slowness and **The Wall Street Journal.